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Wire Mesh

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Synthetech offer the multi-purpose Wire Mesh which suits to your works. The following are the range of the Wire Mesh that we are selling;

  •     4 mesh, Wire Diameter 1.20mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   10 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.51mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   16 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.40mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   20 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.35mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   30 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.25mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   40 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.23mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   50 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.15mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   60 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.15mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   70 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.12mm., Width 1.2m.
  •   80 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.12mm., Width 1.2m.
  • 100 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.10mm., Width 1m., 1.2m., 1.5m. 
  • 120 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.07mm., Width 1.2m.
  • 150 mesh, Wire Diameter 0.06mm., Width 1.2m.

All above Wire Mesh is certified that they are made of SS304 standard.

Mud filter screens

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Mud filter screens

Synthetech mud filter screens are available with accurate hole perforation, manufactured with uniformity in flatness and straightness for high durability and easy mounting into caulking joint.

Rotary vacuum

Mud filter standard specifications:

  Hole size / Centres    Open area     Material / Thickness  

 0.5 mm /1.09 mm

 19.6 %

 Stainless steel/0.30-0.40mm

Screen Print

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Precision mesh products, sold under the (VS)MONOPRINT brand, are highly specialised fabrics for screen printing applications.
Possessing tight registration, crisp resolution and consistent specifications, these exceptional products undergo rigorous scouring and de-greasing treatments during the finishing process. This ensures they are ‘ready to use’ when they leave our premises. 

Precision fabrics are manufactured from white and extrusion dyed, golden yellow monofilaments and mesh counts ranging from 17 to 500. Low-elongation (LE) polyester yarns are precision-woven to lock in all-important parameters, including thread count and a balanced, consistent elongation in warp and weft. 

A full range of Plain Weave and Twill Weave constructions, with multiple thread diameters per mesh count, are tailored to meet specific printing applications. 

  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • (VS)MONOPRINT Polyester: excellent dimensional stability
  • (VS)MONOPRINT Nylon: abrasion resistance
  • (VS)MONOPRINT HT (High-Tech): developed in co-operation with the highly exacting electronics industry for lower elongation, increased durability, lower screen lift and lower squeegee pressure.

Spiral Belts

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These are supplied as filter belts, dryer fabrics and conveyor belts. They are very easy to fit, simple to clean and remain stable, even after long running times, for a hassle free operation. Furthermore, the large contact surface improves drying efficiency in PMC applications.
Their seam, which has the same strength as the belt itself, is made up of spiral loops and once seamed, the belt becomes endless, with an invisible seam. 

Spiral belts are often supplied in standard PET white yarn. However, they can also be constructed using Teflon-coated Synalloy-Y® PET to protect against hydrolysis and high temperatures. It produces excellent release properties. Abralloy Green® can also be used for abrasion resistant applications.

Associated Application
  • Mineral Processing
  • Non-Wovens
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Waste Water
  • Wood Fibre
Key Features & Benefits
  • Durability, smoothness and good cake release
  • Supplied up to 10 metres wide
  • Filled or unfilled to achieve differing filtration characteristics
  • Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions
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