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Other Perforation

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Perforated sheets can be used to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration, as a decorative finish or simply for anti-skid flooring. The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for sorting, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications, far too many to mention!

Availability of tooling

We have thousands of different patterns available and ready for production. However, if we do not have tooling for the exact pattern you require, our modern and well equipped tooling department is able to produce cost effective tooling, enabling us to supply perforated products exactly to your request.
Round Hole Perforation, Square Hole Perforation, Slot Hole Perforation, Bridge Hole Perforation, Trieur, Ornamental Perforation, and more.


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Perfocon offers specially shaped holes that allow easy exit of particles or air through the screen. A specialist product in order to obtain a perfect result in the milling process.








• Cheese moulds
• Distributer plates in fluid bed dryers
• Hammer mills
• Centrifugals

RM Perfocon hole sizes

• from 0.15 mm to 1.0 mm/stainless steel
• from 0.15 mm to 3.0 mm/mild steel

Sugar Processing Screen

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Batch Centrifugal Screens

Batch Centrifugal Screen or Working screens are available in stainless steel brass and copper and can be supplied as ready to mount screens with precision lock-lap joints or, alternatively, as coils.




Backing Screens

• Tubular slit backing screens





















 • Stabbed line backing screens


Mud Filter Screens

Our mud filter screens are available with accurate hole perforation, manufactured with uniformity in flatness and straightness for high durability and easy mounting into caulking joint.


Perforated Sheets

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• Sugar Processing Screens

- Batch Centrifugal Screens
- Backing Screens
- Mud Filter Screens

• Perfocon
• Other Perforation
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